Wednesday, May 8, 2013

PMDG 777 - Air Canada...

FSX. Following this weekends double feature preview, PMDG has posted one more Boeing 777 capture. This time around, in an actual airline livery, Air Canada to be precise! Looks pretty fantastic to when will it be released? Take a closer look at the Air Canada livery preview shot inside.

Air Canada livery preview capture:

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What you think is it going to be out in one or two weeks ?
We still miss info on PFFX that would help to dispatch for such aircraft, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Released not later thab late august

darryl sheppard said...

Shouldn't be much longer now. PMDG is know to stay hush hush while developing and when BETA is nearing completion, they ramp up the marketing and get everyones interest back on the radar, before the release. They've done this in the past with NGX, J41 and MD11 - so my guess would be before end of this month.

ALX WNT said...

OOM here i come

Anonymous said...

Nah, just learn to manage your textures with a texture editing program and you wont get OOM's. It's not necessary to always run developers 2048 or 4096 texture sets. You can resize stuff to a more manageable 1024 and it still looks awesome as well as stopping OOM problems.

I run the NGX and just about every major addon airport by FSDT, FlightBeam, ORBX, Aerosoft, etc., plus REX cloud texture sets and using 1024's for clouds, sceneries, and a/c repaints on a 32bit OS with 2GB of RAM never results in OOM's and doesn't really look much different that the higer res textures.

It's up to the user. Use huge textures in sceneries, clouds and a/c, and keep high settings in FSX and risk OOM. Use 1024's for all the above, keep high settings and get no OOM's. It up to you.

Anonymous said...

maybe a texture resizing thread would be a useful post here, what programs can be utilized ect and how it's done rather than the usual joes here bashing Dev's all the time. We all have to agree that these devs now must now push the limitenvelope to compete with bigger faster pc machines and the bigger outfitscompanies out their .

Just a thought, never hurts to teach/ lend a helping hand.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, but just release the product!

Anonymous said...

"Release it now!"

Lol, I would rather want a complete finished product rather than a beta like CaptainSim etc lol

Anonymous said...

It's really quite easy. You can use two freeware tools, GIMP and DXTBmp. Basically you load the texture you want to resize into DXTBmp then export the main texture to GIMP, resize it, save it, then import it back into DXTBmp. Then export the alpha channel texture to GIMP and repeat the same steps and import back into DXTBmp. Simply save it as the original file name to overwrite the original texture and your done. Also make sure to save it with the box checked to include mip maps to help reduce shimmering and take some load off the GPU.

Do these steps for any addon airport, a/c repaint, or cloud set that uses textures larger than 1024. It's easy but does take some time. As they say, there's no free lunch. Either run 1024's with high FSX setting and eliminate or reduce your risk of OOMs and high VAS usage, or run big textures but then complain about OOM's.

In a way its too bad than developers had gotten into this HD mind set after it was discovered that you could edit your FSX.cfg to display up to 4096 textures. Granted the larger textures look great, but when you combine them with an addon a/c using them, an addon scenery using them, and also some 4096 cloud or water textures, its a recipe for disaster using them on a 32bit program than can only use 4GB of RAM.

If scenery and a/c devs went back to just using 1024's by default we would see a huge reduction of OOM's and complaints in the community on that topic.

I've been using FSX since 2008 and back then the main issue was FPS but rarely would you hear about OOM issues. Then when the developers later on started introducing all these cloud texture sets and airports in "HD" using 2048 and 4096 texture sheets, the main problems shifted from bad FPS to a lot of people complaining about OOM's. Not just a coincidence, but once everyone jumped into the HD bandwagon the complaints about OOM's has become a main focus of complaints on most FSX forums.

When was the last time a user posted complaints about FS9 having OOM's? Can't remember one to be honest, probably because the largest texure you can run in FS9 is 1024 but a lot of textures in FS9 are 512.

FSX and FS9 are not all that different, except amoung other things you can run much higher levels of autogen and texture resolution and both are 32bit programs.

I guarantee if there was a way to introduce 2048 or 4096 texture sets into FS9 and people started adopting them, the FS9 users would soon be faced with the OOM issues a lot of FSX users have than try to run these large textures and crank settings to high.

Anonymous said...

Love the ACA colors! This is the skin my flights will be wearing for sure. At least until Westjet gets a T7. Lol.

Anonymous said...

We haven't seen any Youtube videos though, and IIRC they usually come out 2+ months before release.

The end of this month would be very optimistic IMO.

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