Monday, May 13, 2013

Orbx FTX Global...Costa Rica + Brazil

FSX/P3D. Some more Orbx FTX Global previews, this time around, Costa Rica and Brazil. These shots look pretty good to me. What do you think? See inside for the captures.

Costa Rica

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Amazon rain forest

See the official preview thread - click here


Anonymous said...

I hope they don't forget the Caribbean!

Anonymous said...

Nice skies!

Anonymous said...

It's a little better than default but it's far from looking like São Paulo

Immanuel said...

Lokks really not bad BUT will have conifers even at Hawaii? Was hoping they`ll solve the problem with the vegetation within FSX with this Addon.

Anonymous said...

Lived in Costa Rica for a while...yes it looks a lot like the central highlands...warm up the wallet!


Anonymous said...

They have France on the Orbx forums.

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