Sunday, May 19, 2013

ORBX CA-CBB7 Tipella!

FSX/P3D. Looks like another terriffic PNW scenery is on the way from the guys at Orbx! Tipella, is located in the backwaters in British Columbia and provides a challenging little gravel strip that bush pilots will love. ORBX will be releasing CBB7 as a freeware add on for small airport enthusiasts!

more info here:

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Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I saw it first :P

DAndre Newman said...

And yet we dont know who you are...

Todd said...


Unknown said...

Very cool as I have much of Orbx's products. I love to fly the Beaver and Twotter in BC, and have flown to Tipella from Harrison Hot Springs and Whistler. Very cool of Orbx.

Unknown said...

Looks awesome. I was just up there on my boat this weekend while camping at Harrison Lake. I do a lot of fishing up there as well. This will be fun to fly around.

Anonymous said...

What Aviasim thinks about Orbx (on their Facebook page):

"I dont think it is fair at all that "Orbx" seems to be the big picture in FS these days, everywhere I look, I see "Orbx", otherwise, something being compared with/to Orbx!.

Maybe Orbx have clearly dominated MSFS, and should MOVE from that to something bigger and make way for smaller developers, Im not ranting against Orbx but they don't seem to care about other developers and compatibility with other scenery, which means every other developer has to make their product compatible with Orbx, not the other way around.

Orbx are releasing product after product at a very rapid pace, hence why it's taking up all the FS news (most of it!), and scattered all over the world, and with the FTX Global and Orbx beginning to model individual city's in more accurate detail...really, where do other developers stand?

Orbx made a sudden appearence, focusing on Australia, personally, I think they should of stuck to Australia, maybe expand outwards to japan, china etc...but all this, not fair at all in my opinion!

Also, it isnt exactley easy to make a product compatbile with Orbx, which makes it alot harder and longer for smaller devs to release their products.

Orbx, you have dominated MSFS, move on to something bigger and stay away from MSFS now, such as X-Plane!!"

Anonymous said...

Well, Aviasim would say that. But just a while ago the developer behind Aviasim announced he was retiring, due to complaints and not being able to finish anything. So maybe that is more relevant to his 'issues'. Read about it here:

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, what a total twit!!!

Mason Dominique said...

Sorry no insults on developers here (past, present futur..).
Hate to do that but I have deleted 2 comments for this reason.

John Venema said...


Hmm, I think PMDG should stop developing aircraft because they are too successful. They should develop for the upcoming Sony PS4 instead so they can let all the indie and bedroom developers make B777's etc. for FSX.

/Sarcasm off

Anonymous said...


DAndre Newman said...

Good one!

Anonymous said...

Aviasim shouldn't blame their failures on Orbx's success. To start, none of their products overlapped. No Aviasim should blame their on their inability to focus on a single project long enough to bring it to completion. They loved the attention of announcing new products day after day but when the response turned negative they couldn't handle it, threw a fit, and are now trying to deflect the blame.

Anonymous said...

Dom, D'Andre check out their Facebook now. Aviasim is upset with you for giving them publicity! Hah, jokers.

DAndre Newman said...

Yes we saw. It's all extremely immature of him given the fact that no one [I repeat,] no one has promoted him and his products more than we have. We have shown him a lot of support over the past year and this is how he chooses to respond. And attacking Orbx? One as a developer should have his won act together before attacking another. Not that his words were warranted in the first place.

It's quite sad really. Thus regardless of his future plans, he has lost our respect and we have no further interest in him, AvisSim or his projects.

He can feel free to continue his rants as he pleases... We have given him enough air time.

There is a hope that at some point he wises up and attempts more of a mature stance in his dealings with the flight simulation community and to those like us who have supported him.

Anonymous said...

Another silly childish tantrum from Aviasim, developing is HARD work, and that is what you get paid for.... just ask Orbx, Aerosoft, PMDG or A2A

Yours sincerly, one of the 'successful' developers

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