Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More A2A Simulations Behind the Scenes!

FSX. A2A Simulations continues to post interesting behind the scenes research images from the development of their upcoming Cessna 172. So far images cover development research relating to brake detail, innards and powerplant detail, control surface deflection, and several real world test flights addressing checklist procedures and drag forces. Check out the behind the scenes photos inside.

Brake detail photo shoot:

Innards and powerplant research:
Control surface deflection research:

Real world research flight - pattern work and checklist procedures:

Real world research flight - drag forces and response:
Very impressive work going into this product!!
See the developer Facebook page - click here


Anonymous said...

I'm REALLY excited about this. It's about time we have some good Cessna's to chose from.

Anonymous said...

A 172R based in Robertson Field in Connecticut... That first cockpit shot is on final approach to Runway 02... it correclates exactly with Google Maps... :)

Now we know pretty much which C172 they are doing.... the R...

Now, what is Real Air doing? The SP?


xavier poelmans said...

Looking forward to try this on my motion system

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