Tuesday, May 14, 2013

MCA Designs NA Airfields Vol.1 Imminent!

FSX/P3D. MCA Designs (aka Misha Cajic) has announced that release of North America Airfields Volume 1 is expected this weekend! The package is to include three small Oregon airfields, Hilltop (98TE), Riverview (8OR3), and Flournoy Valley (95OR). Further, the developer has posted several final preview captures as well as scenery coverage maps. The package will be available for prepay tomorrow - prepay customers will receive the product 24 hours before public release. See inside for more information, the latest project media as well as some older preview screenshots.

First, the latest statement regarding prepay options as posted on the developers Facebook page:
Hello everyone!

The MCA Designs NA Airstrips volume 1 package for North America is now available for pre-order from PCaviator for $19.99!


All Pre-Order customers will have the benefit of accessing, downloading and using the scenery 24 hours before anyone else! By pre-ordering,you are supporting us, so we giv...e you something back in return with early download access to the package. Expected Release BEFORE Monday 20th May 2013.
Pre-Order customers will be mailed their download link separately to their order, 24 hours before the product is publicly released.

Release as you can see is now imminent!
Misha Cajic
MCA Designs


Next, some project media:

Seasonal variations:
Final preview shot of Hilltop:
Scenery coverage map for Hilltop (98TE):
Scenery coverage map for Flournoy Valley (95OR):
Scenery coverage map for Riverview (8OR3):

Some older preview captures:



See the developers Facebook page for more information - click here


Anonymous said...

Excellent, I'm sooooo looking forward to this!!!!!! The screenshots look terrific ;-)

Anonymous said...

Finally yessssssssssssss ;-)

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for this for so long, super excited about this release :-))))))

Anonymous said...

Yip I'm very excited for this MCA Designs NA Airfields Vol.1 package. 1 thing I'll ask as i don't know or perhaps i missed something. Are you guys planning more airfields ect. And if so are you guys gonna get your own forums or server. As when i was googling around to find out more on this project ect. I keep landing on a facebook which than diverts me over to another i think ... And than it's pcaviator facebook or something of that nature. Not that's it's a big deal but in their i noticed comments about the product that we're like a month old ect so not certain if that section is actually used/recently updated or are you guys getting your own... Just thought I'd ask so i can plan ahead to keep an eye open for you guys and perhaps new products if your going down this road.

Cheers MCA

Anonymous said...

Just stick to the MCA Designs facebook page if you want information on their products. PC Aviator is just the retailer selling it for them.

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