Monday, May 6, 2013

Majestic Dash 8-Q400 Update Released

FSX. Majestic Software has released version 1.006 of their hugely popular Dash 8-Q400! The latest update includes a significant number of fixes relating to various aspects of the aircraft. To see the full change log, see inside...

The change log as posted on the developers Facebook page:
What has been fixed :

Aircraft.cfg: updated gear positions for smoother reposition...s
Now writing Vertical Speed to the FSX for compatibility with other 3rd party addons
mjc84.ini : Power Levers set for 0 position at DISC to enable the Reverse, using F2 button
Secondary bus will be powered by the APU
Sound : modified for Windows 8 usage
Nav: Fixed the DME antenna position
VHFs: Fixed the COM range to include 136.XXX
EFIS : Fixed the incorrect inverse text output
NavManager: Fixed Heading to Altitude procedural navigation
NavManager: Fixed Course to Altitude procedural navigation
NavManager: Fixed Course from Fix to Altitude procedural navigation
TERMINAL navigation, leg termination threshold is now 1.0 nm
Included the wing and propeller views in the Virtual Cockpit
Corrected specular component on the night textures
Fixed the un-installer


See the developers Facebook page for more - click here


Anonymous said...

Majestic is really becoming a Roll Model company. Hats off Majestic team!

Martin said...

Agree! PMDG team is not alone on the first spot anymore...

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