Friday, May 17, 2013

FSDG Deutschland X "Reloaded" Imminent!

FSX/P3D. [RELEASED] As most of you likely remember, back in February Deutschland X was pulled from sales due to issues with the original release. However, it looks like the reloaded version of Deutschland X by the FlightSim Development Group is now ready and due for release within the next few days! The product is no longer being published by Aerosoft. See inside for a statement from the developer including a feature list as well as some project screenshots.

Statement from FSDG as posted on their forum:
Deutschland X will be released within the next days in a new, reloaded version.As you might know, we had a couple of issues with the first release back in february. Unfortunately, we couldn't solve some of them with the publisher back then. We not only decided to switch the publisher (DEX will now be available as direct download from SimMarket) but also to make sure that installation and 3rd party addon compatibility work better than before.

Following user requests, we also decided to split up the DEX North pack into two seperate packs for those who are mostly interested in the 3D objects like landmarks, wind generators, airport objects...
The Landmarks&Airports Pack can be combined with the Terrain Pack or other terrain addons like VFR Germany, UTX, GEX and the soon to be released ftx Global.
Of course, you can also get the DEX Complete Pack to have everything you want and need.
Combination possibilities with DEX and other scenery addons are now almost unlimited. Combine DEX Landmarks&Airports with VFR Germany or with the upcoming FTX Global, use German Airfields with DEX, use DEX as a standalone product or combine it with any airport/airfields addon you own for Germany, it will all fit seamlessly thanks to the way we created DEX.
No DEX-Mode needed, no incompatibilities with other addons in the area - just install DEX and off you go with the most complex scenery ever made for Germany!

For more information and screenshots see our showroom.

DEX Feature list:
  • Complete coverage of Germany (divided in 4 areas North, West, East, South)
  • Photorealistic textures and terrain
  • More than 1.000.000 terrain features (roads, railways, power lines, rivers,...) using up-to-date OSM data
  • Up to 500 different custom buildings/objects per area, plus more than 15.000 wind generators
  • Authentic airport buildings for all airports/airfields (more than 150 per area)
  • Complete coverage of all ICAO charts features (airports, towers, lighthouses, obstructions,...)
  • Typical german terrain features
  • Custom seasonal and night textures
  • Dynamic seasonal changes and precipitation coverage, based on meteorological data
  • New realistic scenery effects
  • Custom autogenerated scenery objects
  • Compatible with any other addon including VFR Germany, UTX, GEX, FTX Global,...
  • Performance-friendly, ideal to combine with addon airport sceneries
  • Only buy what you want: Landmarks&Airports Pack, Terrain Pack or Complete Pack.
Changes against original version:
  • Separation into 2 packs "Landmarks&Airports Pack" and "Terrain Pack"
  • Better installation routine that ensures compatibility with other addons
  • Installation issues that occured on some user systems have been corrected
  • Higher resolution for photorealistic terrain and landclass textures
  • Correction of terrain issues (landclass blending, railway textures, missing power lines,...)
  • Missing landmarks added
  • Potential flatten issues and missing textures corrected
  • New DEX Config Tool to toggle 3D lights and terrain features
  • More authentic overall look by reducing number of micro landclass polygons
  • Simple installation and removal of single or all DEX packs (improved (un)install code

Now, some project screenshots:

See the actual forum thread - click here


Frank van der Werff said...

Quite remarkable that they no longer use Aerosoft... Sounds like there has been some hefty discussions in Paderborn....
Not yet sure if I will jump on board... FTX Global is on the horizon...

Anonymous said...

FTX Global is on the horizon, but this is a scenery gear specifically towards Germany, not the generic target FTX Global is aimed for.

Anonymous said...

lol it is already released

Anonymous said...

It was, but taken off market a while back.

Mark Hrycenko said...

Indeed it was, but the reloaded version has just showed up on simMarket.

Anonymous said...

Right you are my friend! Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

So how is this related to the original DEX from Aerosoft that was pulled? Presumably the same basic content but split into two parts?

Anonymous said...

you have to ask the developers but yes it´s 1 of the points to split it or you can purchase both as 1 pack.. I was beta tester but i am not willing to say more as it´s the developers that have to say what they want to give you as info.

Anonymous said...

Pass... I'll wait for FTX Global and their OSM based openLC. At least I will know I'll get quality and not something Aerosoft rejected :)

Anonymous said...

Its aerosoft free, so probably works great now ;)

Anonymous said...

The stuff that Aerosoft rejected :)

Anonymous said...

Just because Aerosoft rejected it doesn't make it a bad product. IIRC, it was rejected because of some disputes on how to manage or market the product.

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