Thursday, May 2, 2013

FS Global Real Weather on a Roll...

FSX/P3D. FS Global Real Weather has released yet another set of updates, these guys are really on a roll! Ever since release there has been a constant stream of improvements and updates. The latest builds (36, 37, and 38) include even more fixes and features. See inside for the change log.

Change log as posted on the developers Facebook page:
.) Build 38: Fixed a bug that could raise a NullReferenceException on some systems when starting weather transfer
.) Build 37: Fixed a bug that caused the weather transfer to silently stop, if the aircraft location is changed after the initial weather set.
.) Build 37: Fixed a bug that caus...ed an error message on some systems when loading a PLN file in the flight planner.
.) Build 37: The flight planner now supports FS Commaner PLN files.
.) Build 36: Stopping operation mode no longer freezes the simulator.
.) Build 36: Beginning and completion of the weather injection are now displayed as a message in the simulator.
.) Build 36: The add-on menu contains a new item "FS Global Real Weather" and a sub-menu-item "Refresh Weather" that allows to completely refresh all the weather and - if the option is set in the settings - to reset the AI.
.) Build 36: Fixed a bug in PLN import of the flight planner that caused incompatibilities with some PLN files.


See the developers Facebook page - click here


wideloadwhitford said...

Opus has done it all lol

Anonymous said...

Actually you're wrong! If you read the review at...

...then you'll find out that their weather engine is not METAR based like all others, is way more sophisticated in that weather calculations are performed on their server structure and made available through a cloud-based system.

So no, Opus has not done it all, even if I do like their software. In fact nobody has made FSX weather available like this before!

Martin said...

Time to make a big comparing review - REXE vs AS2012 vs OPUS vs FS GRW... Boy, this will take some time ;)

Anonymous said...

Just did a few demo flights. Really like it a lot. My Active Sky may be getting retired.

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