Thursday, May 23, 2013

Deutschland X now FTX compatible

FSX. FSDG Deutschland X is now compatible with Orbx FTX packages, has announced FSDG this morning. This allows you to fly - for instance - from EU England or Wales to Deutschland without resetting FTX.

FSDG communique:

For those of you owning FTX products and being used to switching on/off the FTX mode to use your other addons, we have some very good news:

Deutschland X is now fully compatible with all FTX addons!

To use DEX with the FTX mode switched on, please follow these simple steps:

• If you installed DEX with the FTX mode disabled (suggested), please switch on the FTX mode now with the FTXCentral tool on your desktop.

• Close the FTXCentral app.

• Go to the folder "\Addon Scenery\FSDG - Deutschland X" and double-click on the dexutil.exe.

• A black command window will pop up and close after an instant.

• FTX and DEX are now fully compatible!

More details :

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