Sunday, April 21, 2013

Statement from Majestic RE:Q400 Activation

FSX/P3D. Majestic Software has released a statement addressing the ongoing activation issues relating to this weekends Q400 release. It appears the majority of activations have now been completed. Hopefully this matter is sorted sooner than later so all can experience this fantastic aircraft. See the official statement inside.

The statement as released on the developers Facebook page:
Folks from the Flight Deck....

We are slowly but surely getting the majority of the activation issues under control. The onset of the problem started due to our activation server (Majestic Software) being unable to handle the excessively high demand during the early stages after launching the Q400. The majority of these issues have since been dealt with, however, there are still a few customers who purchased the Dash from Just Flight, FlightSim Pilot Shop and or Simmarket who are still experiencing some issues when attempting to activate after purchase.

If you have purchased the Q400 from Simmarket you will have access to both an "online" and an "offline" installer. Please utilize the online installer first, and only if you experience issues with the installer, then utilize the offline installer.

For those of you who have already forwarded an email to our "" we are steadily working to get you up and running.

For the Just Flight customers who have not sent an email requiring assistance (if you do need assistance), please begin by sending an email to Just Flight -, I must tip my hat to Rich and his Team as they have been working immensely to help in keeping/getting the activation issue under control as well. Just Flight has stated advised that ALL of the orders processed, either automatically as they happened or manually between our Orders team and Majestic, and they have replied to every customer who has emailed them with an activation issue during Saturday and Sunday.

Regarding our website, well I know most of you are wondering what's going on. We plan on having the website up and running by tomorrow evening. So for all support issues related to the aircraft, please use the support@majesticsoftware email until the website is back online.

Again we'd like to thank you all for your support, patience and most of all understanding.

The Majestic Software Team

To visit the developers Facebook page - click here


Anonymous said...

This aircraft is GOD'DAMN GOOD !sorry... But i had to say it ! PMDG vs MJS ..... The war is on.....

Anonymous said...

A big thank you from me as well! The team at JustFlight is simply great, their support, even on a Sunday, was very helpful!
Thanks a lot! :)

Anonymous said...

The Q400 is a candidate for release of the year. I will not begin to compare with the NGX as the two are so completely different. However, I must add that the Q400 is not only complex but a top performer...
Excellent, fun, demanding...


Anonymous said...

I love the look of the Q400 but I'm finding that the documentation just wasn't up to scratch for me.. Is there normal procedures documentation anywhere that I'm missing?

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