Sunday, April 21, 2013

Orbx Compton Abbas : First Look

FSX/P3D. The seventh England airfield is a small grass strip in the north limit of the Dorset county. Very good framerate. A dozen of PeopleFlow. But most of all, the place is really charming. The sightly sloped strip is surrounded by many rolling hills.



















Airdailyx, April 2013
Screenshots taken with a Nvidia Geforce GTX650 TI / High quality settings.


Anonymous said...

Any 'aircraftflow'?

Anonymous said...

more like ShedFlow tm.

Edgar said...

Wow.. I didn't expect to see this in FSX. I love this airfield. I always go there to spend a spare time enjoy the beer and delicious food in Compton Abbas Airfield Cafe.
Just waiting for better weather here in UK South Coast to go there again...


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