Sunday, April 14, 2013

FSX NVIDIA Inspector Settings...

FSX. NVIDIA Inspector settings for FSX seems to be a topic of much discussion these days. Many people have their own views on this, including myself of course. Now I thought I would go ahead and post my settings, a products of months and months of testing various combinations. Although my computer is capable of running much higher settings, I find the attached settings to be the best compromise of performance and least for me. See inside for my settings, take it you will...

Might also be worth checking out my system specifications in the "ADX System Specs" section to better relate these settings - click here

These settings are of course for DX9 - DX10 is a completely different gig.

And if you're using a NVIDIA video card and don't use inspector, go get it now - click here


Unknown said...

I found out, that 8xSQ significantly decreases the overall FPS, particularly in FullHD. I've chosen 8xQ at 1080p it gives me the same performance like 720p 8xSQ, but for me it looks better. I think the problem is I have only 1GB ram on my card (gtx560)

Unknown said...

I have been jumping between 8xSQ and just 8xS. Both are acceptable visually, but 8xS probably does provide a "slightly" smoother experience although I haven't noticed any FPS difference with 8xSQ. Anything over 8xSQ there is definitely an impact on FPS.

Unknown said...

Yes, but 8xQ makes a difference! Supersampling kills FPS on my system dramatically. I've tested it on Flightbeam KSFO with the NGX on the middle of runway 27L (I think one of the heaviest loads of FSX). With 8xQ I managed to achieve constant 23-25 FPS, with 2xS it drops to 17-18.

Fabio B. Athayde said...

Dear Mark,
I've accidentally deleted "Ms Flight Simulator X" preset. Is there something I can do to replace it?
I've tried to reinstall but no success.
Cheers from Brazil!

Unknown said...

You should be able to create a new profile without too much trouble. When I get home later tonight I will provide a more detailed response on how to do so.


Unknown said...

Yes, press the little star icon titled "Create new profile". Then, click the "Add application to current profile" icon and link the new profile to FSX. Lastly, set it up to your desired settings and you should be good to go!

Luiz Henrique Machado said...

I suggest put a limit to FPS and setting FSX as unlimited.

This is a "try and try" tool, but its a "must have" into your FSX/P3D/X10!!

Melchior samuel said...

My cockpit in fsx is very blurry, foggy.
Can i solve this with nvidia inspector.


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