Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nagoya Chubu on final!

FSX. Graham, founder of Pacsim, has completed the beta stage. Release imminent. This will be the fifth airport payware for Japan (in FSX) after Kansai, Kobe, Fukuoka and Fukushima. And...

Pacsim has posted a communique early this morning :

April 10, 2013
" All tests complete and currently at videography and document preparation stage. RJGG will be out real soon so keep watching this space.

Once RJGG is released we will announce our new project as well and it will be another airport in the region ".

Release date ? AES included ?

'" Testing has been wrapped up and we are still aiming for product release hopefully this weekend or very early next week. We have sent beta files over to Oliver Pabst on April 08 to see what he can do with AES support, however there's no reply yet ".

More on this developer :


Anonymous said...

Yes! will be getting this too.

Silverbird said...

Very cool so happy this is coming out soon nice work Pacsim.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome news. More Japanese airport coming out this year. Looks like Pacsim might create another Japanese airport, going by their statement quoted above. Thanks for making Japanese airports.

Anonymous said...

Pacsim has developed its own style. Big fan of their airports.

Anonymous said...

Yippee!! Nagoya is back in FSX. Loved what Aerosim did in FS9 but this is welcoming news now that I've switched over to FSX. Will buy it on day one, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

PacSim will release the product in the next few hours. They've already got the product Trailer at their website.

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