Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jinnah airport... not for FSX

FS9/FSX. As a fool, i persist to buy some airports... And more money lost. Jinnah has obviously been developed from FS9 and then frontported to FSX. My error again. The FSX version has several issues../..

Version tested : FSX V.1.0 / Bought today from Simmarket.
Flight tests : with various graphic card settings, from high quality to performance.

Typical texture problem, designed in FS9 and frontported in FSX. Front the ground, from the aircraft cockpit, you can see it clearly. In slew mode, if you climb, the effect disappears.
The three next shots are showing textures bugs near the main apron.




But most of all, all the ground textures are extremely unpleasant - not to say painfull - since they generate a permanent sparkling.
I am rather shure that the  FS9 version is quite good but like in Doha airport, the previous work from this editor, the version FSX doesn't reach standard quality. And certainly for 22 euros.
We will be glad to change our mind if a service pack is released........
Airdailyx, April 22th.
On my sole responsability, DM



Anonymous said...

Seriously, porting inferior stuff from inferior FS9?

Well, they are not going to get my money, ever.

Unless they start to respect FSX users, I don't see how they are going to survive financially.

FS9 has been already dead, for at least a year now.

Anonymous said...

How dis-appointing to your you, and most importantly your wallet.

Anonymous said...

It is very sad that the producer make such a bad product to fsx. If he doesnt know how to produce for fsx he should stay at fs9. I bought the fs9 version last week and I like it a lot and I looked forward to the fsx. Now I am happy I didnt buy it yet.

ALX WNT said...

This is not a portover, this is an updated installer to check fsx location instead of p3d. You could've done the same thing by installing fs9 one over fsx directory. This is not even a portover, i'm sorry for 22euro and time you spent to take these shots and writing this. And i blame developers of course

DAndre Newman said...

Not a total waste though. We do this for our readers. We rather loose the money so you don't have too.

Anonymous said...

We appreciate your reviews!

Martin said...

Considering quality sceneries like Skiathos by 29Palms are being developed I don't know how people would still buy this crap.. (not you Dom, I understand you do this for the testing)

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