Tuesday, April 23, 2013

FS Global Real Weather - Update Released

FSX/P3D. FS Global Real Weather has released a significant update! The update includes bug fixes, weather report and flight planning capabilities, faster weather transfer, improved overcast depiction, and more. See the complete change log inside.

The change log as posted on the developers Facebook page:

Today we have released build 34, a major update for FSGRW. This build includes:
.) Weather report and flight planning capabilities
.) Improved Stratus Overcast Depiction (optional)
.) Bug fixes in the UI
.) Better handling of aircraft repositioning
.) Faster transfer of weather to simulator (by about 10 sec)
.) Bug fixes in PRO-ATC/X integration

... You can test the new overcast stratus depiction by turning it on in the settings and using historic weather (April 22nd, 21:19Z): position your aircraft at ULOO (Pskov Airport, Russia) and take off. There's a nice stratus overcast in about 6.000 feet...

We're currently working on Network support via WideFS and autostart functionality for the next update before we will try to get FS2004 compatibility working!

IMPORTANT: All evaluation points used for the previously released version were resetted; everyone can now re-evaluate the current build to test the new features!

Update via the auto-update feature of FSGRW or - if you don't have it already - download here:

Have fun!

Visit the developers Facebook page - click here


wideloadwhitford said...

Opus, only 14 mb and instant weather updates, cheaper and more reliable.

Marvic Jonson said...

If we are going off on a tangent, my car gets 8 liters per 100 kilometers.
Now back to our regularly scheduled post.... Good work FS Global Real Weather, keep it evolving.

Anonymous said...

How much MB does FS Global Real Weather have? Is is not reliable? What's more realistic?

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