Monday, April 15, 2013

Aerosoft Announces Thessaloniki X (Greece)!

FSX/P3D. Aerosoft has officially announced Thessaloniki X...and released the very first screen captures as well! The project to be developed by FSDG is already looking very promising. Greece really has been getting some love recently with the wonderful in progress Skiathos X and now this. Take a closer look at the first preview shots inside.

See the offical preview thread at the Aerosoft forums - click here


George LGAV said...


My hometown and the best student town in the world!!!

A nice airport with two crossing runways although one of the is not in use.

The terminal is also small but interesting.

PS Has been operating as a Ryanair hub for a couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Nice texturing, indeed.

But there is one point becoming more and more essential which is still ignored by most developers ,so does FSDG.

DX10 preview compatibility at day and night!

We had experienced a turncoat policy on that topic over years.

(Of course, some developers take care of this, but it hasn't ever been honoured in a positive way or editorial evaluation)

The native lack of AA and the known issues in FSX/D3D10 can be handled with todays knowledge (info @ AVSIM)

The main goal is to make the "wasted" VAS (virtual adress space) usable. We speak about 500mb VAS which is taken by VRAM handling in D3D9. The solution is to bypass this D3D9 limitiation with "d3d10 preview". But this demands compatible products.

This is the only chance we have to gain simultaneously usage of scenery addons or better quality settings when flying NGX or comparable addons without OOM.

So the dx10 preview compatibility today is more essential than it ever was. Not for performance reasons but to prevent unneccessary OOM.

Everyone wants to sell his products, but nearly no one is taking care of the customer needs.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Scenery is excellent, but devs on the whole should pay more attention to DX10.

Anonymous said...

Aren't these those guys with Deutschland X and Copenhagen in development?

Anonymous said...

Why are you guys beating a dead horse. DX10 will never be implemented by developers. Until such time a new Flightsim platform comes along, there will never be DX10 scenery. Or, since you know the subject matter very well, why don't you create scenery yourself and then show your artistic inguinity behind DX10.

Anonymous said...

It seems you haven't understood what he is talking about.

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