Monday, April 22, 2013

Aerosoft Airbus News...Including the A330!

FSX/P3D. Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft has released a comprehensive statement regarding the future of their Airbus project, and some very exciting news indeed! First, we should be expecting version 1.10 of Airbus X Extended (A320/A321) within the next few weeks - version 1.20 expected late fall/early winter. Next, version 1.0 of the A318/A319 variants is expected this fall. Lastly...the A330 is expected in 2014! See the full statement inside.

The statement as posted on the developers website:
Just wanted to update our fine customers of what we will be doing in the next few months.

Let me start by saying we are very happy with the results of the Airbus X Extended so far. It sells in serious numbers, makes a solid profit, reviews are very positive and on the whole customers are happy (yes, I know it always seems different, but per sale this is a low maintenance project for our support departments and boxed returns are about as low as possible).

We always intended this to be a medium complexity project and 'just' to be the best Airbus 320 project for FSX. Tick that box, that goal was most certainly reached. But we also said that we would keep the development team working on enhancements. This would be a family of projects. And they have been working non-stop and will continue to do so for a year. Let me explain what they are doing. It is also a good way to explain that we have to change the names.

Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321 version 1.10
Expected in the next few weeks
Price: 33.61 Euro (plus VAT when applicable)
Update free from Airbus X Extended

This is the Airbus X Extended as we know it now with many updates. New models, new liveries, enhanced VNAV, updated manuals. We will then stop working on this project (hold on, more on that later) but will fix serious bugs of course.

Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319 version 1.00
Expected this fall
Price: 33.61 Euro (plus VAT when applicable)
Customers of the Airbus A320/A321 (or Airbus X Extended) get most likely a 50% discount.
This is the 318/319 version of the Airbus X Extended, but it will have more systems. Weather radar, terrain radar and some more. We also expect more of the less used systems working, but we will still refrain from making it a systems simulator, it will remain aimed at the job of the captain.

Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321 version 1.20
Expected late fall, early winter
Price: 33.61 Euro (plus VAT when applicable)
Update free from Airbus X Extended and Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321

This update will move the new systems developed for the 318/319 to the 320/321. We also expect to have some rather innovative modeling features included.

Aerosoft Airbus A330 version 1.00
Expected 2014
Price: expected 33.61 Euro (plus VAT when applicable)
Customers of the Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 get a discount
This is a almost complete new project that we are still deciding on the features for. It is sure however that the basic idea of the Airbus X Extended will be the same. We make the product so you can simulate flying the aircraft and we have little care for the systems that have never (or nearly never) been used in the real aircraft. It got to be well priced and easy on the frame rates. It also got to look seriously good.

While these projects are progressing it is almost sure a X-Plane spin-off will also be done. There will also be a lot of Airbus related hardware from the well known companies in this year. Side sticks, complete overheads, throttles. We got some in our offices and they are expensive but damned I would almost sell my tractor to own them.

Hope this make things a bit more clear and explains why we do things as we do. As always we do not spend a lot of time looking at our competitors, we got our own ideas, our own plans and a few tens of thousand of customers spending their money. It's for them I wrote this message.

See the offical announcement thread - click here


Anonymous said...

Very nice update Mathijs, thanks for the projection explaination. Great to know the team looks forward to more enhancement over time and the fleet keeps growing. My hat is of to you Sir.

Also thank you to the development Staff! as well, as they never get enough praise.

Anonymous said...

2014 LOL
by then FSLabs will release their masterpiece.
besides, AS's airbus is inferior, much like wilco's and airsimmer's


Anonymous said...

Aerosoft should adhere to scenery development, seriously.. they have no business trying to develop planes.

Anonymous said...

I really expect to see wingflex on the A330. I hate those dead wings on the A320!

ALX WNT said...

More AS developers is better, not because i'm gonna use them, just widening the market. Competition will lower price.

Anonymous said...

2014 for A330. You must be either idiot or blind.

If FSLabs can come out with the entire A320 Family by 2013, then we will talk about seeing the FSLabs A330 by 2014.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you to the extent of airliners. I will say, Aerosoft can do some amazing work with smaller, GA-sized aircraft. Look at their Diamond Katana and upcoming Twin Otter, both amazing (or the Twin Otter's case, looks to be amazing) products. But yes, their airliner products to date have been lacking in my opinion.

ALX WNT said...

AS = AirbuS

Anonymous said...

Lol! People buying aerosoft airbus are either stupid or just want to have an empty box in their hands, because aerosost is just like cptainsim. Nice looking but empty inside !!! I really dt understand this.....helllooooo!!! We are tlking about simulation here !

Anonymous said...

Well then you are simply not Aerosoft target customer for the AXE line of products. Simple.

Anonymous said...

I like the AS bus, it handles very well and has just enough fms systems to function properly in a flight sim environment. While I still think the de-rating system is "flawed". It is a great bird

The A319/318 was just logical for them to make. If the A330 is as good looking as the A320 series and same functionality, then it will be awesome also!!

Anonymous said...

Every heared of: Airbus X extended?
I have the Airbus X Extended and all systems work like they have to!

And if you do have... you have no knowledge of Airbus, because this thing really works!

Anonymous said...

Hope the A330 will get some nice looking wingflex. :D

Anonymous said...

WOW! Great news.

I hope they will make an A380 too.

Anonymous said...

The Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321 version 1.10 - if it works as expected - it is how the Airbus X Extended should have been from version 1.0:

ie LNAV fully working, including radial interception and DME arcs.

So Aerosoft did (is still doing - unless fixed) what Blackbox is doing -> give out faulty-buggy incomplete betas.

But at least Blackbox are sincere to the customer, and state it fairly and squarely, whereas Aerosoft is not.

If Aerosoft does not deliver with v1.10 what it should have (because it had been advertised) from v1.0, then no one will buy their future A319/8 and A330 for two obvious reasons:

1. Lack of trust/professionalism.

2. Buggy-incomplete LNAV. The code is the same. If it doesn't work on the A320/1, it will not work in the A319/8, A330.

PS: However, if Aerosoft does fully fix the LNAV with 1.10, it will at last be an excellent bird to fly.

Anonymous said...

haha get rekt Blackbox...and when FSL comes out, get rekt BBS and AS.

Anonymous said...

Nobody knows when or if FSL A320 will be released, judging by their totally unprofessional costumer communication it can be in 2015 who knows? meanwhile it's very positive for the FSX community that Aerosoft & BBS are competing!

Anonymous said...

What is unprofessional about giving no news? They are working on it. Leave it at that. I do not need to have a rivet by rivet code line by code line report... Meanwhile I zoom about in any one of a number of class ats, be it NGX, Q400, Spitfire, P51D... some of the simulation community are simply not for pleasing...

Aerosoft have made it quite clear from the outset who their target audience is. If you see yourself in the mirror when you read the description of that target audience, then the AXE is for you (strange that AXE got used for this...) if not, stay away from it, fly the NGX or something...

If you don't agree with Aerosoft's strtegy in aircraft design for FSX/P3D/XP10, then buy elsewhere... let your money do the talking...

I for one sit back, look at the nice screenshots you all release, but am quite happy to NGX/Q400 around the world, with the odd airshow routine in a Spitfire or Mustang, or just GA around in any one of the top GA planes out there...

Life is too short to moan...


Anonymous said...

You should spend some time reading the SMITHS/THALES FM Pilots guide (700 pages of fun) to get an impression how many AIRBUS features aren't simulated on AXE.

Anonymous said...

Love the Airbus X Extended; fun to fly plus it looks real on the inside. Great series from Aerosoft!

Dave W said...

As Aerosoft's target customer - mid-range complexity - I have to admit I am very happy with the Airbus. I agree some other developers may bring out a more complex version and the Airbus Extended will serve me as a good learning tool until that time. It has an excellent range of additional features, including a copilot who can take over certain functions if you get stuck! I have also been extremely impressed with their responses on the forum if you have a problem. I don't think it is fair to mention Aerosoft in the same sentence as the now woeful Captain Sim....

As said, I am not a hard core simmer but the Airbus Extended has really breathed new life into FSX for me and it is a delight to fly by hand as well.

Regards to all

Dave from the UK.

Anonymous said...

Lacking!? Seriously...what is wrong with the AXE? I think Aerosoft did a fantastic job with the AXE.

Anonymous said...

Do you really have time to read 700 pages from the Smiths/Thales FM Pilots Guide?

Anonymous said...

Do you really have time to judge about something you haven't ever read before? :)

Anonymous said...

Question is, do you need a Thames FMGS Manual to fly the plane?

If you do, simply you are not the AXE targeted customer.

If you don't, you are AXE targeted customer.

So congrats to whoever it is criticizing the complexity that you now realize its a mid range product.

Anonymous said...

You need to look into the manuals to get an overview what's (non)simulated not to criticize complexity.

Of course, it's easier to assume everything is on board and tell the simmers they have lack of knowledge, as done in the first paragraph. :)

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