Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wing Creation - New previews! Amazing...

FSX/P3D. Wing Creation have kindly posted new preview shots for their upcoming Fukushima airport (RJSF).
Not only is it just the airport, but the developer has also implemented important surrounding areas within the vicinity of Fukushima! The custom Autogen buildings, seasonal textures and custom placed objects are going to make this a must have! All I can say right now is WOW!! We have also confirmed it has entered Beta.

First place would be somewhere we have all seen on the news. The worst effected place from the 2011 earthquake in Japan, the Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. I think it's really important to have this incorporated within scenery projects. Not only does it give a great representation of the area but also gives simmers a chance to see what the area looks like. Especially important landmarks like this on! I am truly excited that this location will be apart of (RJSF).

The second screenshot is another popular area within Fukushima. The Onahama port. A very busy port within this prefecture. Nice to see the ships included as well. A lot of detail being added!

In all, I seriously cant wait until this scenery is released. Wing Creation is clearly putting a lot of effort into their projects and in turn, I hope to see a lot of this done for future airports from them.

You can check out their new website and stay tuned for more exciting news to come soon!

As always,

Happy Flying!


Silverbird said...

Looks great I'm so super happy about this new company I have been wanting to fly into many Japanese airports in fsx with detailed scenery's glade its almost finished will be lots of fun! and thanks for heads up Tino.

Tino Sottile said...

My pleasure!

Be sure to check here more often. We have alot of great things to tell you guys about Wing Creation and upcomming projects etc.


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