Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekend Discount (25%) - Orbx UK Sceneries

Announcement. For those of you thinking about picking up some Orbx UK sceneries - this may be the weekend to do it. One of the major online flight simulation stores is holding a snap weekend 25% discount on Orbx UK products. Link inside.

The FlightSim Store is holding a snap weekend 25% discount on Orbx UK products. There are several specific criteria so please read the announcement carefully - click here for more information


Anonymous said...

I do not recommend buying orbx england because ITS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH A BUNCH OF OTHER SCENERIES. Furthermore the support is EXTREMELY SLOW.
See this:
Airdayly x i think you should warn your readers about that, because ORBX does not mention that. Not fair from ORBX.

Anonymous said...

Curious from Aerosoft, since they are distributing Orbx products too.!

My Orbx airfields are working great and EU England works fine with my UK 2000...
By the way, it"s not Airdayly x.

Brad said...

Support is slow, i agree..the products are gorgeous and im glad i brought them...but neither ORBX or UK2000 seem to be talking to each other about working out the issues which isnt fair to us!!!!

There are unofficial "fix it yourself" guides for issues at EGCC but surely for those of us that spend vast amounts of money on this hobby deserve proper support!

And im just not happy with the lack investigation into the issues that pop up at various UK2000 airports using ORBX England....All they seem to suggest is swicthing ORBX Europe to default if flying outside like WTF!?!?!?! For those of us that plan to buy the PMDG 777...I guess its going to be a short flight from EGLL to EGKK then?!!??! Not impressed, support needs to be improved..

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY BRAD ! I couldnt agree more . Im the guy with the 1st post.

Anonymous said...

Weekend Discount but not for all customer ... Only if you buy a lot download EU product on FSS shop before... If you bought on DVD or some product in another shop ... this 25% are not for you ...
really, ... all customers are not equal, front the orbx price list .
After all EU shop are not accept the new down price for the old orbx products, this discount are not more for the EU customer !!! That's again bad and sad for Orbx good product.

Anonymous said...

Got the mail from FSS directly... as I have EU_ENG and EU_WLS, as well as Goodwood, Shoreham and Stapleford already, I get 25% off Old Warden. I also then qualify automagically for the 25% discount on the upcoming Elstree release. As things go, not a bad deal.

As regards issues with UK2000 airports, the only ones I have seen are minor elevation issues. It is important that you set the insertion point for FTX stuff correctly, below UK2000 airports, in order for them to display properly. You might want to remove or rename some of the FTX files relating to the airports doubled up by UK2000 in order to deal with some possible display issues. It would have been nice to see an option during the installation of EU_ENG/WLS/Scotland and so on for UK2000 users, so that these files are automatically not installed...


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