Monday, March 11, 2013

UK 2000 Leeds : 23rd March !

FS9/FSX/P3D. Gary Summons has posted more incredible shots of Leeds-Bradford ENGM yesterday morning. How did we missed these ones ? Ah, i was flying on Ivao maybe..


Much more shots here !



Markus Lanzemeier said...

Woow, this airport is the first rip-off of the year! The terminal textures look awful and the taxiway edge lights are real cubes? Is that like this in the real world? I can't imagine...

Anonymous said...

Not fussed about this one, never fly there and never will....Luton X Is the one I'm waiting for!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Really poor textures, flat cars on the imagery, bad roof details, blurry imagery on the ground, missing buildings. Seems like the typical UK2000 half-baked poor quality airport that just does not cut it anymore. Look at what 29Palms did at EGFF for Orbx in just a month and Gary should take a lesson from that. He may have ruled the UK a few years ago but his stuff simply is below par these days and competition is not making him extend his techniques to compete so he just cranks out the same old unfinished poor quality airports.

I'll give this a miss and wait for Orbx EGHI instead.

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