Thursday, March 7, 2013

The master is back !

[Incoming projects]. Probably back from a desserved vacation, Mathijs Kok (Aerosoft project manager) has posted some updates on Tahiti, Varanasi, the CRJ etc. And new screens of... the Twin Otter.

More screenshots on this project :


Bina said...

For me the Twotter, Sibwings' An-2, and PMDG's Cloudmaster are the most awaited aircraft of this year... :)

Anonymous said...

Beside nice textures, is that plane including the systems working like the real thing? I do not wish to be blinded by nice textures to compensate incompleteness of developers preperation and thoroughness of his product. Flying textures you get enough at FSX market. To use the real quality of the twin otter the systems should be done like A2A accusim, dodosim, Marcel Felde and PMDG. They all make a professional job.

Aerosoft forum is not known as there are professionals describing technical intricacies. So i have less information about what to expect.

Anonymous said...

This is no sales comment...

I´m one of the developers on the Twin Otter.

The Twin Otter will come with a autopilot also used by the real Twin Otter, all functions that exist on the real thing is simulated apart from CWS.

Engine behaviour and instrument readouts have been heavily tweaked to act like on the real Twin Otter i.e Torque will increase as prop rpm is lowered, T5 (ITT temp) will increase with altitude etc.

All run-up checks, like Prop governor test, Autofeather test, fuel system test can be performed with the right reactions.

Also Engine failures due to hotstarts, overtorque or overtemp, as well as flameouts due to ice ingestion will be simulated.
Structural icing will affect performance to the point where it cannot fly anymore.

This means that the de-icing systems, like inertial seperator, inlet de-icer and de-icing boots actually has a very important function.

Float versions will be fitted with startlock to prevent feathering during engine shutdown.

I hope that answers some of Your questions

Best regards
Finn Jacobsen
(Aerosoft developer)

Mason Dominique said...

Thanks very much, Finn.
Very much appreciated comment !
You know you are always welcome here

Anonymous said...

Whoever the guy is behind the Fokker and the CRJ is really a miserable human being. I nominate him for biggest douche of the year. Thanks for nothing bro.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good. Thanks for reply, Finn.

I assume each developer is trained at an advanced basic level of the aircraft he wants to simulate. The better, the better the simulation quality of the product, if some ways are used to develope outside of FSX and implement system blocks.

Disorders of aircraft systems:
But there are two ways to simulate disorders/incidents.

1. Static programmed processes
2. Dynamic programmed processes

Hung Start: You can give the customer a "static" programmed process which gives you your static N1 or you can have a a look for environment conditions and engine behavior. In real word aviations you have a lot of things that makes processes individual.

Are you starting an engine which has lost its fuel column over the days or due to FCU governor movements at pover levers. This engine starts a different way like one hour before. The second engine is another with little power differences etc.

If you are experienced in real world aviation and aircraft maintenance you know what i want to say. With background knowlage, sit in one of the newer A2A accusim birds, you can feel and hear, you can read the engine and entire aircraft. There are much litte things with deep background which makes it to a high quality "flight simulation" you can use. Also when having real world expierience. At high standard simulations you can take the real world into simulation. The better the addon, the better for interested customers.

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

AS Twinotter, PMDG DC6

ONLY two aircraft coming out this year that I am even remotely interested in. full stop.

Everything else is just...well ...meh

Anonymous said...

I don't even have the time to read some of the replies here, let alone read a manual. Hope you can jump in and go....

Anonymous said...

Jump in and fly is provided by 95% of the market, so you have what you need and what you are able to fly. Do you really need FSX "Flight Simulator" for that? There are also lots of flight "games" around with much faster graphics.

Let us the claim on using the last flight "simulation"

Anonymous said...

The Twin Otter Extended will be configurable, meaning that You can de-select failures and icing. You will also be able to select between Cold & Dark and Ready to fly.

Finn Jacobsen
(Aerosoft developer)

Anonymous said...

Try programming them on your own then.

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