Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Soon to be available on Simmarket!

FSX. Wing Creation has confirmed that the upcoming Fukushima airport project and all future products will be available on Simmarket.
 This is great news as other developers tend to host their own store within Japan. (Which in turn, makes it more expensive and harder to obtain).

Wing Creation Fukushima is one of my most anticipated scenery's this year! You can rest assure that Wing Creations will also show some sneak peaks of the next upcoming scenery to be announced in the next coming weeks!

Check out some screenshots of Fukushima here:


As Always,

Happy Flying!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully they will also do some of the bigger Japanese international Airports like Narita or Handeda! Screenshots look excellent! :)

Tino Sottile said...

Dont worry, an announcement will come soon enough ;)

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