Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PMDG 777 - New shot!

FSX. If you are not following PMDG on facebook, you are seriously missing out on preview screen shots posted every so often!
 PMDG have updated a new cover photo of the upcoming 777. Just take a look at the detail! This is the #1 aircraft I have been waiting for. PMDG sure love to tease us and I hope to see more screenshots soon. This is going to be an epic year for FSX!

Until then, you can check out their facebook page here:

As always,

Happy Flying!


DAndre Newman said...

But they are not missing out.. the have us!

Anonymous said...

Well, not being a PMDG bumlicker i dont see all the hype over a screen shot of a part of the plane we have already seen : ie - the checklist screen - and now the flight controls page - just another page...Now if that sort of thing gets you all excited, then fine.For me its like showing us a '1' button on the FMC, then for an update the show us button '2'...

So exciting,...not!

Anonymous said...

You are so right! Please show us something different PMDG!

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