Thursday, March 7, 2013

Orbx Confirms Juneau (PAJN)

FSX/P3D. Inside one of the FTX SAK preview threads on the Orbx forums, John Venema has quietly announced that Orbx will be releasing a payware Juneau Airport (PAJN)! The airport is expected for release end of May and is being developed by Russ White. Indeed, a pleasant surprise!! Read John's quote inside...

The statement as posted inside one of the FTX SAK preview threads, John Venema states the following:

"Orbx is making a payware PAJN Juneau, by Russ White (PFJ airports PAKT, CZST, CYBD). Release date for it is end of May."

See the quote on page 2 of the "SAK Southern Alaska - Entering Beta soon! (Juneau shots)" thread over at the Orbx forums - click here


Anonymous said...

Think I just done wee :P

Bina said...

Good news BUT what about the work already done on PAJN for SAK?!? Alex Goff even posted some shots of the area:

Orbx said...

There will be an upgrade default PAJN included with SAK as per all our other region airports. However that won't compare to the full-fat Russ White payware we're developing.

Bina said...

Ah, sorry then! After seeing Alex's work on SAK and Juneau/Hoonah areas in particular, and what you guys have done to Cardiff bundled with Wales, I was under a false impression... thinking PAJN would roll out (upgraded) together with SAK. :)

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