Monday, March 4, 2013

New CLS 747 v.1.5 Screenshots and Videos

FS9/FSX. Commercial Level Simulations has posted several new screenshots depicting the virtual cockpit of their upcoming 747-200/300 v.1.5. Further, the developer has posted several videos demonstrating the aircraft in action. What do you think? Video links and more preview shots of the virtual cockpit inside.

First, some virtual cockpit shots:

Next, the video links:

Takeoff and landing video - click here
Engines, flaps, and gear animations - click here

See the developers Facebook page for more - click here


darryl sheppard said...

Not bad at all. flight dynamics are usually good with CLS - if thats anything to go by, this should be one to watch out for. ;)

Anonymous said...

If only it was FSX native. lol

Anonymous said...

Virtual cockpit still looks like it's from 2002. On the subject of flight dynamics, I would personally rate CLS as one of the lowest. Their BAe-146 and MD-80 FDEs were terrible. Anyway, I guess we'll just have to wait until it's out to see how it compares.

Anonymous said...

The earlier CLS products (DC-10/Airbus/747) had horrible flight dynamics, although I can't comment on their more recent products like the 146. I was hoping that they would substantially improve the VC modelling but unfortunately it looks like they only changed the HSI gauge and and a few minor switches.

Martin said...

I'm sorry.. CLS is in the same pond together with Abacus, Wilco, Ariane, Captain Sim. The "No-Go" pond.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Don't like the CLS gauges,you can tell them a mile apart

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