Friday, March 8, 2013

More A2A/Razbam A-26 Invader "Spirit of Waco"

FSX. Razbam Sims has released new preview shots of their upcoming A-26 Invader "Spirit of Waco" project being developed for A2A Simulations. The new previews cover both the virtual cockpit and general exterior details. Take a look inside for more, what do you think?


See the developers Facebook page for more - click here


Anonymous said...

The plumbing behind the seats is a real nightmare, but looks like they have made it pretty convincing. But those props....

Anonymous said...

Still something weird about these pictures, is there no mipmapping? the textures looks stuffed up (at least in the screenshots)

I SERIOUSLY hope A2A vet this before release to make sure its up to their high standards, as I only expect the very very very best from A2A

Bina said...

Amen to that! I also hope this visual beauty will be coupled with the highest possible simulation of aircraft systems and FDE, as we are accustomed to see in all A2A products. May A2A's Quality Control team mobilize their efforts with Razbam before the actual release of addon!

Anonymous said...

I think you should know this is no A2A accusim product.

This is no problem and the product could be well done, but if you use accusim birds which are also for real world aviation experiended professional done, you do not buy any "non- accusims" anymore. That is my reaction to the beautiful accusim stuff

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