Friday, March 8, 2013

IRIS Upgrade C-27J Spartan!

FSX. IRIS Simulations have just posted the new screen of the newly updated C-27J Spartan. The upgrade will see significant changes compared to the older counterpart. (V 1.2)

From their recent facebook post:

"The items being focused on currently are in no particular order;

* Brand new flight model based on the agility and short field operations the C-27J Spartan is famous for.

* A rework of the existing code to aid in multiplayer functions and overall systems simulation.

* Implementation of the IRIS 'Aegis I Avionics Suite' providing new FMC, PFD, MFD and SFD units to the existing cockpit.

* Remastering of the engine and internal audio."

They are expecting to have this aircraft out to you guys within the next month. Although I don't usually fly military that often, I do really enjoy this aircraft. For those of you who are looking for an aircraft that sits nicely in between Civilian prop and Military, this is the perfect one for you! We will be following this project more closely as the updates roll in!

As always,

Happy Flying!

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DAndre Newman said...

Great plane and very good news!

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