Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eagle Rotorcraft Bell 222 "Hours Away"

FS9/FSX. Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations has stated that release of their freeware Bell 222 is only hours away! The project looks very promising although time constraints have prevented the team from implementing all the bells and whistles originally planned, future updates and expansion are expected. Years in the making and it's almost here, check out some final shots prior to release.

Check out the developers dedicated project forum to learn more - click here


Dan said...

The second I can think off (Aerosoft and Nemeth UH1) this is rather remarkable... A competing payware FSX helicopter!

Cera Sim's B222 has been in my hanger for a while. It's actually refreshing to see a competing (quality) payware model for FSX.

Will be interesting to see (of course I'll purchase) the differences. Obviously, will see who come closest (if either do) to DodoSim flight dynamics...

Although... First payware model that "modifies" their 222 with side panels (and sounds) to simulate Airwolf.... They have my credit card and CCV numbers. :)

Anonymous said...

This one is freeware though :)

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