Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Carenado - TBM850 New shots!

FSX. Carenado have posted new interior shots of the upcoming TBM850 aircraft. Take a look at your future executive cabin!
This will be the perfect aircraft to fly in and out of smaller airfields and with its range, you can comfortably fly longer flights without having to re-fuel. This one will definitely be in my hangar and is one of my most anticipated GA aircraft for 2013.

Take a look at some more shots on their facebook page:

As always,

Happy flying!


DAndre Newman said...

Yep thats my cabin alright!! 😝

Anonymous said...

Actually I wish corenado was made busines jet. As known there is just a company which did mustang. I hope carenado will think for newness about businesjet. I wrote to them alot of time but unfortunately still general propoller aircraft.

Hope they are going to consider that wish.


Anonymous said...

Nice cabin and exterior textures doesn´t improve the weak simulation points carenado produces constantly since years.

Again and again i found this addons are not completely finished. Again and again same type of major and minor bugs. What about improvements of VC operability? Propeller governing, engine sounds decoupled from propeller RPM sound, oil and fuel pressures (according to environmental conditions) ? What about fine tuning of individual aircraft behavior? I have bad simulated carb ice simulation, but the Mooney M20J has no carburator ! Issues and massive bugs are transferred to the next and next release.
What about to make an aircraft "simulation" quality for FSX - this is not an aircraft game..
Carenado deliveres a good model selection, but they are not usable for advanced simmers or real world aviators want to have a good simulation. I like the well done exterior textures but i can´t see them anymore. Again and again only "flying textures". That is not enough to get "my" money.

Give me simulation quality, not gamer quantity.


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