Sunday, March 3, 2013

And the next gold medal goes to...

FSX. Godzone Virtual Flight. The team has recently uploaded Hokitika NZHK on a well known fs library. A really nice addition to Orbx FTX New Zealand South Island and Milford Sound.

Version tested : FSX
File Size : 55 MB
Where to download : Avsim library.
2 runways of approximately : 3 700 - 3 800 feets.
A B-737-600 (light on fuel) can possibly land here... (this comment is not for real navigation).
The scenery uses New Zealand Vector Land Class and is compatible with Orbx NZSI. According to the manual included, if you use Orbx, you need to add the scenery via FTX central inserting point (personaly, i tried it and didn't work, so i moved up the scenery manually in FSX library).
Note that this freeware has a four page PDF manual in english !
Among a much better terminal (see the first shot below), the Godzone freeware scenery includes a very detailed Westland Milk factory.










Godzone Hokitika With Orbx FTX NZSI

Orbx FTX NZSI alone
More on this team :
Airdailyx, March 2013.

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Anonymous said...

last two shots you got wrong a bit, the NZSI 'alone' picture still shows Godzone Hokitika photoreal

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