Saturday, March 2, 2013

AirDailyX Weekly Roundup

ROUNDUP. Let's take a look back at some of the past weeks most popular and interesting topics...just in case you missed them.

The team continues to move forward on several projects including FTX Wales incl. Cardiff (EGFF), FTX SAK, and Queenstown (NZQN). Wales is currently in beta with release expected very soon, SAK may have already entered beta or is at least very close. Of course, Airdrie Airpark (CEF4) was released this week as well. Here's some posts from the week.

-FTX Wales beta team shots
-Ardrie, our own screenshots
-New Queenstown preview
-FTX SAK, another glimpse

FSX Tweaking

I recently wrote an article relating my experiences with the fsx.cfg bufferpool tweak, agree or not may be worth a read...

-FSX.CFG bufferpool review

Upcoming Reviews

Several review announcements from myself, Tino, and D'Andre. I will be posting my review of San Diego (KSAN) for FS9/FSX by LatinVFR in the coming days, Tino is working on his review of OpusFSX, and D'Andre announced his review of FlyTampa Montreal (CYUL) in FS9/P3D...stay tuned.

-LatinVFR San Diego announcement
-FlyTampa Montreal announcement
-OpusFSX announcement

Captain Sim

This developer continues to release expansion packs and updates for their Boeing 777 base package. Unfortunately, it seems the updates are still not fixing outstanding issues with the product...

-Freighter expansion released
-Service pack 1.1 released

Majestic Software

Yet another Dash 8-400 preview from Majestic, the question here is...when will it be released?

-More preview shots, why not

Build Your Own Home in FS9/FSX?

Yes, it's now possible thanks to the African Scenery Development Group, but is it worthwhile? There's only so many times one can fly over their own home....

-Full details here

Drzewiecki Design

More previews from their massive New York project which includes Manhattan and multiple area airports, most notably La Guardia (KLGA), Newark (KEWR), Kennedy (KJFK), and Teterboro (KTEB). Perhaps more importantly, Drzewiecki has addressed performance concerns given the detail and density of the area.

-More La Guardia
-Performance concerns addressed


Sim Wings has addressed concerns regarding blending between their upcoming Heathrow (EGLL) and Orbx FTX England, the blend looks very good. Further, the developer announced the development of La Palma Airport (GCLA) as well.

-Heathrow/Orbx blending
-First of La Palma


Some more shots of the wonderful Staggerwing, and they look great!

-More preview shots of the Staggerwing

Black Box

The developer has officially confirmed they are working on the Airbus 330. Finally, someone is taking on this beautiful aircraft.

-Official confirmation of Airbus 330

LH Simulations

Budapest (LHBP) or "Beautifulpest" as D'Andre puts it is indeed that, looking beautiful. The developer is making significant progress on the project and it just keeps getting better and better.



Where is Blueprint you ask? Read Dom's post to find out.

-Where'd they go?


D'Andre has almost made the switch, looking froward to following his experiences with the transition.

-Montreal screenshot from P3D, nice sunset


Flightsoft Macau, forget it...

-Forget it indeed...

Just Flight

The developer released a new preview video of their upcoming Lockheed L-1011, not everyone seems impressed...

-Lockheed L-1011 preview video

This is of course not a summary of everything this week, just a roundup of some notable topics.

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