Monday, February 11, 2013

The B-797 (might) come back

FSX (avail for FS9). With courtesy of Boeing..., euh, Lionheart Creations (Bill Orties), here is a screenshot of LH freeware aircraft for FS9. But Bill has just stated a few hours ago that he might work back on this bird. Apparently several people asked to frontport the project for FSX. Want to support the initiative ? Just send him a word here or on his FBK page. Just make shure the bird has the proper battery. [Bill words : "Boeing were never enthousiast .../..]
The incredible Boeing 797 project (new statement from Bill Orties).
The FS9 version (freeware) and screenshots :


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the bird won't have lithium ion accumulators.

Mason Dominique said...

High performance polymer batteries ??

Anonymous said...

What a loss of time :)

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