Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Simon Smeiman's Sling project

FSX. FSADDON+ has published a first news about Simon Smeiman latest project, the South African Sling aircraft. Simon is also working on an autogiro, the RAF 2000.

Some explanations from François Dumas, FSADDON+ CEO :

The Sling is developed together with the actual manufacturer, TAF from South Africa. They even provided us with their own dedicated CADCAM software to study all parts of the aircraft and transfer them to Gmax !

The Sling is an VLA, and can be changed to the American LS standard.

The RAF 2000 is an autogiro and was made as an experiment to FSX...... but so much fun that Simon made two of them and we'll market them as simple 'fun' commercials ;-)


A workd about the Real world Sling 2 :

The Sling is intended chiefly for recreational and cross-country flying. It is not intended for aerobatic operation. It is considered to be suitable for use as a trainer.

The Sling 2 is a two seater, single engine, tricycle undercarriage aluminum aircraft with a conventional low wing design The aircraft is based upon the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) CS-VLA (Certification Standard Very Light Aircraft) standard, having a maximum all up weight of 700kg. With only minor modifications to the aircraft and the application of a revised Pilot’s Operating Handbook the Sling may be made to comply with the requirements of the FAA Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) category according to ASTM Standards F2245, F2279 and F2295. In this configuration the Sling is known as the Sling LSA.

Sling 2

The Autogiro RAF 2000

More on this editor :

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