Sunday, February 17, 2013

Orbx Responds - Improved Ground at EGFF!

FSX/P3D. There you have it folks - Orbx has responded to concerns regarding ground quality at their upcoming Cardiff International Airport (EGFF). The airport is to be included free with FTX EU Wales. Ground poly for the aprons and taxiways will now be implemented into the release! It's fantastic to see a developer take feedback so seriously! Read more for John Venema's quote.

John Venema of Orbx states:

 "I've decided to ask 29Palms to go ahead and make a ground poly for the aprons and taxiways. I agree that using 30cm imagery for the aprons is just too low resolution and it would be such a shame to have all that nice modelling done and have it sitting on top of such low resolution imagery. This will delay the release of Wales by possibly a few days."

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DAndre Newman said...

That's great news indeed! You see ADX people, the developers do listen!

Chris said...

Thats what i would call customer support! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

It's by far easier to help one another for this Sim to push forward. For Dev's that help each other, you have my purchase support. For Dev's who make half A_S job on projects, well you have that answer.

Great job Orbx, seems you guys are leading the way, hopefully other Teams will follow your example. :) bravo Zulu

Commander-AUT said...

great news, thx John!

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, there is nothing nice. It is a STANDARD technique that almost ALL developers are using. 30cm ground and polygonal apron/twys? Is it really so extra-ordinary?

Anonymous said...

I think you misunderstood. They were going to use 30cm photoreal instead of polygons but they are now making high definition polys likely to be something along the lines of 2cm-7cm equivalent as most HD polys are.

This would be an order of magnitude improvement over just having photoreal ground without a poly, which is a lot more work required for what I believe was going to be a free airport given away with their Wales region.

Anonymous said...

Nothing special here. Ground polys have been a essential standard for a decade. No excuse for not using them.

Anonymous said...

Orbx are in for a shock when they see the Wales sales. FTX England Yes, Scotland maybe, Wales, hell NO.

Anonymous said...

God there are so many moronic comments here.

The UK without Wales? yeah right ... seriously, get a grip and listen to yourself. Some of the best flying in the UK is in Wales and I will get everything they make for the UK and then follow them into the rest of Europe.

Or just go back and fly your Horizon VFR discoloured crap-ware and dream about 3D objects and seasons ... oh and night lighting and 3D lights ... and moving car traffic .. and POIs ..

Anonymous said...

JV just posted a preview of the aprons on their forums:

I guess all the bitching and moaning can stop now?

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