Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Orbx Airdrie part 2: Our own screenshots!

P3D. As P3D and I try to make friends, and work together with my system, you all will start to see more life flourish from the platform on ADX. No other news sites are really committed to P3D and the FS people need a place they can count on. So bear with me, I am still working on things and these shots are not the best but i'm getting there. Have a lot of work to do with REX too as you can see... In the mean time, check out part 2 of Airdrie in P3D! It's just a wonderful work and so damn realistic. Have a look! Kudos to Vlad! You rock dude! Now that we have 2 Canadians working for ADX maybe one of them will head over to the park and take comparesions. Hint, hint: Mark, get your ass down there!

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