Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lisbon too? Damn!

FS?. In what seems like mere moments after the announcement of a complete Heathrow rework by SimWings, we come across another development announcement that Lisbon is also getting a complete rework. We don't have much news to share with you at this moment regarding the platform or developer yet. We will get that news to you as we get it. In the mean time, you can enjoy these early object renders. And a very special thanks to René for the tip! Wouldn't it just suck if it turns out to be for X-Plane? Just sayin...

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1 comment:

ricardo_r said...

It was long time promised for FSX.

A few months ago, the Aerosoft member who posted those screenies, said the EFHK update was delaying works on LPPT a bit, so I suspect that might be the team.

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