Friday, February 15, 2013

LatinVFR Releases First KSAN Update!

FS9/FSX/P3D. LatinVFR has released the first update to their popular San Diego International Airport (KSAN) scenery! It's always very nice to see a developer act so quickly in responding to customer feedback. The installers at simMarket have been upgraded to version 1.1 and a small update installer has been added to the customers download section. This update makes the following improvements per the LatinVFR announcement:

1- Runway 09 ILS/DME frequency from 110.9 to 111.55. FSX/FS2004
2- Some Mega scenery SoCal compatiblity bleed-through issues FSX
3- Some Scenic Utopia San Diego Building package compatibility issues dealing with excludes.
4- Some floating buildings FS2004
5- Renamed the "San Garage" tower viewpoint to "San Diego parking viewpoint" FSX
6- Terminal 1 transparency problems FS2004

They have also posted a suggested solution for FS2004 customers experiencing compatibility problems with MegaScenery Southern California.

Lastly, by product default runway 09 is closed - for customers who would prefer to have the runway open on both ends there is an updated AFX file although not recommended by LatinVFR.

To read the full announcement and download the update head over to

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Anonymous said...

This scenery is awesome and performance is good. I wasn't expecting good things, but I was really impressed. I love the surrounding buildings and Autogen on the departure and the hill to the east. I highly recommend it!

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