Tuesday, February 12, 2013

IRIS PC-21 Getting Close?

FSX. Well, it looks like the IRIS Pilatus PC-21 could be close to release, the full-fledged version that is.  Although the developer released a pre-order beta version (0.80) back in December 2012 with limited functionality the long awaited full meal deal version is still highly anticipated.  Take a look at some very recent development shots and I think you will agree that this is one good looking aircraft!  Personally, this is one of my most sought after releases this year.  One particularly cool feature changes the virtual flight crews visor color between clear and tinted depending on the time of day.

Check out their Facebook page for more at https://www.facebook.com/irissimulations
Posted by Mark Hrycenko


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this one aswell:)

Bill said...

It's gonna be a corker! I don't tend to fly turboprops much, but this one has my attention.

Mark Hrycenko said...

This very well may be the product that brings IRIS up to the next level.

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