Saturday, February 16, 2013

FTX EU Wales Snowdonia and More Cardiff

FSX/P3D. Orbx has posted some more previews from its upcoming FTX EU Wales release. This time, some captures of the spectacular Snowdonia National Park which is looking very nice and rugged indeed. Plus, a couple more shots of Cardiff International Airport from Orbx screenshot guru Iain Emms. What do you think?

Real life Snowdonia National Park is absolutely beautiful, here's some screen captures. See the whole post and all the pics at

Next, a couple more from Cardiff International Airport. Just to clarify as there was so much discussion in my previous post, there will be no ground polygon per John Venema. However, performance is supposed to be excellent which should alleviate concerns for some. See all the shots at


Anonymous said...

Where the hell is wales anyway?

Anonymous said...

Rustam said...

If you ask about Wales' geographical location, look here:

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