Wednesday, February 13, 2013

FTX Global Official Pricing Announced

FSX/P3D. Orbx has officially announced the pricing structure for the highly anticipated FTX Global release. In simple terms, there will be two iterations, a base version titled "Basic Pack" and an extended version titled "Plus Pack". Please see below for a quick comparison:

Basic Pack (AU$99.95)
The base product will replace default FSX textures for the entire planet as well as provide upgraded landclass.  There will be no downloadable add on content however bugs will be fixed.  Release expected before June 30, 2013.

Plus Pack (AU$99.95 Upgrade Fee - Basic Pack Required)
Users may upgrade to the extended version at any time which will be released some months after the base package.  The extended version will provide users with a constant stream of downloadable updates such as continually improved landclass, airport upgrades, points of interest additions, cityscapes, and generally improved content.  John Venema summarizes the extended version as "…the Plus Pack is like a subscription which gives you continual improvements to FTX Global for life.".

Very interesting pricing structure!  Which will you choose?

Posted by Mark Hrycenko


Frank van der Werff said...

Hmm... that's not as bad as I expected... Means 70 euro's for the basepack and another 70 for the lifetime updates...

Musjo said...

Very interesting...

Quite tempted to choose in the extended version... :)

Anonymous said...

I just hope its easy to update. I find that some FS Developers dont tell owners that there is an update unless you troll their forums. Aerosoft are/were one for this a lot!

Mark Hrycenko said...

I agree, implementing an efficient way of updating FTX Global will be integral to its success – at least the long term success of the extended “Plus Pack”.

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