Saturday, February 2, 2013

Courchevel RELEASED

FSX/FS9 - Altiport et Hélistation de Courchevel released:

LLS Creations have just released their epic Alps scenery


This new version of the scene takes advantage of our know-how in high definition modeling.

- For FSX SP2 only.
- perfect Compliance of the runway profile with its 18.5% slope.
- hyper accurate relief to reality,
- ground textures with a resolution of 4 cm per pixel,
- extensive use of the possibilities offered by the FSX SDK.
- buildings conform to reality in hyper detailed 3d.
- thousands of items for unparalleled sense of immersion.
- For FSX SP2 only.
Such precision is based on work of a true professional photographer.
This update will be totally free if the purchase of the old version dates back less than 6 months.


Mason Dominique said...

Incredible stats after we have unveiled Courchevel released. That's just proove one thing. High quality can generate maximum attraction !
Full test we hope, very soon
ADX staff.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Snow looks special

Anonymous said...

Anyone try their products out in fsx? Are the installs clean? How are the frames? Bit cautious with their forum being primarily in French, can't get a feel for support and product issues with my very poor French comprehension...

Mason Dominique said...

Mini reviews around 14h o'clock.
Great way to design ice and snow here
We are testing it.
Take-off is tricky.

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