Monday, February 4, 2013

Courchevel, as you never saw it before

FSX. Eric Majeraz has released Courchevel LFLJ two days ago. Incredible design. I am really happy that Aerosoft did not develop their own version. We are still waiting for Van Nuys airport by the way...

LLH Creation Courchevel V.2.0 - Mini review

Version Tested : FSX.
File size : Approximately 540 MB (!)
Framerate : very friendly.

Remark : the tests have been performed with France VFR Photo Rhone-Alpes photoreal scenery.

The bad :

- There are a few "holes" in the slope runway. I made several landings and take-off and a few of them ended.. under the runway. Is it because France VFR is installed ? Not shure. Will need more tests this evening.

- The integration with France VFR Rhone-Alpes is not seamlessly connected since Rhone-Alpes, a photoreal scenery, has only one season, for summer.

The good :

- Incredible new design of ice and snow. I am not shure if the snow was designed this way in the first version. Inspite of the artificial look of the snow, this design is a real progress compared with other work.

- Considering the amount of work and technics, the price seems fair : approximately 20 euros / 26 dollars.

- Some animated skilifts around the airport !!

-Very good texturing.


Anonymous said...

It's just ridiculous that France VFR do not have winter textures for an alpine region such as Rhone-Alpes!!!

This totally kills the big picture winter experience of this fine looking airport on approach.

Erik said...

I got the same problem, falling trough the runway during landing and I have France VFR Rhone Alpes installed. France VFR Rhone Alpes is an add-on that I hope LLH will make possible to have together with this scenery. Because they are made to match together according to their own website. Maybe there will be an add-on/update later on that will fix this problem.

DAndre Newman said...

Which is why i am waiting for FTX Global to cover this region

Mason Dominique said...

Some questions has been sent to the developer, about this runway issue. No answer but he usually makes regular fixes.

Martin said...

I wonder if I'll be able to go there with my upcoming Majestic Dash-8-400?... :)

Mason Dominique said...

Hi guys,

I am reworking on a review now that Eric has sent me more informations. Coming tomorrow i hope.
The developer is working on an update for the hole in the runway but it appears that very few people who bought the scenery have noted the issue.

Mason Dominique said...

Dash-8 on this small piece of concrete :)
Sorry !

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