Thursday, February 28, 2013

Can You Guess the Aircraft?

FSX. Wilco Publishing has released some work in progress shots of their next title...the catch is, you've got to guess the aircraft... Those who guess correctly could win a copy of the release! Here's a couple hints, it is a single engine turboprop, the fastest of its kind, and features a Garmin G1000 avionics suite. Take a look at some more shots and enter Wilco's "Guess & Win" contest, read more.

Note, the drawing will take place several days before the official announcement, only 5 winners will be selected. So, what do you think it is??

See full contest details and rules at Wilco's "Guess & Win" page - click here


Anonymous said...

A very poorly modeled TBM 850... I'll wait for the Carenado version

Anonymous said...

Agreed also everything coming from Wilco is questionable!

Tino Sottile said...

From the screen shot on their website yesterday, I thought it would be the Pilatus PC-12. I guess I was wrong! :)

The one product I do really like from them is the E-Jets series. The systems within those aircraft are really well done!


Anonymous said...

What the heck happened to feelthere? One would think sticking with the regionals would be super low hanging fruit for them. I still LOVE my Embraer 145 and fly it all the time. Why not create an EMB 120 or a CRJ-200 up to modern standards? The visual model is still outstanding... Instead we have sloppy products from Wilco. The CRJ Next Gen is not flyable and that 737 is junk. What a stupid choice... Caranedo has this market covered.

Honestly guys... not thrilled with decisions developers are making these days. Here are just a few planes that are currently ignored that would sell:

L-10-11 (under development Just Flight)
Modern 727
Embraer 120
Gulfstream Corp Jets
Jetstar Corp Jet

Ken Thieme said...

I would kill for a high-quality DC-8 70-series.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Gulfstream won't co-operate with developers to create a fully functional detailed representation of their beautiful birds.

Anonymous said...

I have said it a thousand times, I would LOVE a PMDG quality C17. The globemaster is an amazing aircraft.

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