Thursday, February 7, 2013

An update on/of Courchevel V.2

FSX. LLH Creation has released a hotfix that definitely fix the runway issue (holes) on a few systems. Here are some new shots of Courchevel LFLJ Version 2 and more informations on this small but gorgeous scenery. I really hope we will find it someday on a good simshop.

The french developer has released, today, a small hotfix (1,9 MB) to fix the runway issue on some systems. We have tried it with complete success on Carenado's SR-22 and Skymaster.

As Eric told us, France VFR Rhone-Alpes Photo scenery is fully compatible but the winter season, of course, doesnot give the best visual display. Photoreals sceneries can hardly simulate several seasons considering the amount of datas. So this is not LLH Creations fault anyway, even if France VFR has done an impressive work too. Most of these shots here have also Rhone-Alpes Photo scenery as a backstage.
File Size : almost 600 MB
Price : less than 20 euros / 28 US dollars.
Where to buy ? Only on the author website (until further notice). You can pay via paypal (immediate) or via a Visa card (but you might have to wait a few more times for answer).

What will you find in the scenery ?

As previously described in our previous post :

The village of Courchevel and surroundings,
The airfield and several hotels,
Ski-lifts installations (some are animated),





As you see, hotfix installation will ask you about your previous scenery, Courchevel alone or the Courchevel - Meribel pack.
Then, you can choose between several configurations. Screenhots here, have been taken under summer season to fit with France VFR Photo Rhone-Alpes.

Don't mind the blurries, i have taken these shots with some average quality settings on my card.





This screenshot shows the seamless junction between LLH Creations Courchevel and France VFR Photo Rhone-Alpes.

No more problems on the runway !



More on this developer and product ?
Here is the english page !

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Want to read our previous "screenshots" post ?
(winter season)


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Anonymous said...

Ever since updating, my snow textures flicker. Photoreal spring textures are ok, but I was looking forward to flying here with snow on the ground.

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