Monday, February 18, 2013

Alabeo Gee Bee released!

FSX/P3D. [EDIT Released!] Alabeo has posted the final shots of their Gee Bee Model Z prior to release, looks fantastic...and stubby, but that's not the developers fault! The aircraft had a reputation for being notoriously difficult to fly - just read the posted "tips for flying the Gee Bee" preview pic and you'll see why. Next up for Alabeo, the Staggerwing!

Click here to check out their Facebook page for all the pics

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DAndre Newman said...

Between your updates and mine Mark, this is like the upteenth time we have posted "last before release" on the GeeBee. I honestly thought it would have been released last year... the GeeBee must have had some GeeBugs... LOL!

Mark Hrycenko said...

I agree...this thing has been "imminent" forever it seems!!!

Mark Hrycenko said...

So upteenth time was the charm! We were bound to get it right eventually...

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