Saturday, February 9, 2013

Aerosoft Robin DR400 : Our own screenshots

FSX/P3D. Really nice bird, several configurations, and quite fast, actually. We like !
Version tested : FSX.
Installation : Very easy.
File Size : 133 MB
Manual : Incredibly detailed with 35 pages of explanations and schematics.
Developer : Joachim Schweigler.
Framerate : Very smooth.

Several liveries, several kind of aircraft and behaviour.

After 30 minutes of flight, i find the aircraft very responding, more than Lionhear's version.
In the opposite, the aircraft is a little bit instable to fly, maybe like the real one ?

For rookies (like me), autostart with CTLR + E is available.

Tests flights with Orbx Stapleford Abbotts and Aerosoft Venice (FSX).
ATI CARD HD6570 average quality.

Airdailyx / February 2013




















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