Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thai Creations Kathmandu : our own screenshots

FSX. Second payware ever in Nepal, after Lukla of course. Great stop between Imagine Sim New Delhi and Thai's other scenery, Paro in Bhutan. Nice idea. Airport buildings really good but the ground textures definition around the airport is really low. Too bad. Maybe an update someday ?





















Airdailyx November 2012
Dom Mason



Manuel said...

I use this scenery and I go to this airport every year. I'am happy find this airport for FSX in good quality but yes ... The ground résolution versus google earth available are low !
And also : the local national terminal are not detailled.
The entry monument door on the road, for acces to the airport aréa are not present and the monument Bodanath are apparent by the aircraft when you go or leave KTM airport but not in this scenery for FSX !
I think also, for the futur push the ground détailled to KTM city are great.

Anonymous said...

For me Thai Creations have made a great airport that importantly has great fps and is immersive. Also great choice of airport in an area that has been sorely lacking.

Job well done.

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