Saturday, November 10, 2012

JustPlanes Air Austral : our test

BlueRay. We have decided to buy and test one of JustPlanes latest titles, Air Austral in Blueray format. The high definition is perfect to understand how a cockpit is prepared and watch every button. But does this title worth the price ? 

I was really interested by this Air Austral Blueray, since the video is splitted between Boeing 777 flightplans and Boeing 737-800 NG ones. Location ? The Indian ocean, around Madagascar island. Air Austral has been founded by a frenchman and the company runs several lines within small french islands (Reunion, Mayotte) near Madagascar island and other long hauls to french metropolitan airports.

The Blueray quality is great, especiallly on the second part, aboard the B-737-800 NG. However, i was rather disappointed by the quality inside the B-777. Under day light, images are displaying a light noise but you can still watch every detail of the mission.

On the B-777, there is a long video (more than 5 minutes maybe) on the overhead panel. The co-pilot explains the settings. 

The flights include Reunion and Mayotte (Daoudzi, DZA) islands, an airfield in Madagascar and french airports Marseille LFML and  Toulouse LFBO.  

The Boeing B777 shown here are the B-777-200 Long range and the B-777-300 Extended range.

What amazed me is the number of cameras in this cockpit. A first one here on Captain's foot, another one for the front view, a third one aside the captain for lateral footages, a fourth one for the wings etc etc. And many parts are mixing two different videos, especially during take-off and landing phases.

There are many views of take-off and landing checklists with charts explanations. Crew are mostly explaining their briefings and procedures in english. A few talks are in french, although. Has the crew been briefed about this video, i am not shure. But they are carefully explaining everything and they seem really friendly about this project (this is the second film aboard Air Austral company). 

If you like to fly in this region, flightplans are really well explained here, with informations on altitudes, charts, waypoints and approaches procedures.
Fans of the Boeing NG will found some interesting details too.

The best way to buy it is via internet and simshops but, unfortunately, delays are long and erratic. It's a choice. I bought my copy in a french library and i paid... 45 euros, instead of.. 24 euros on the web.

November 2012
Dom Mason


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy these videos that Justflight release.
I do have the same issue with however the long time it takes to get them after ordering as I live in the Caribbean which means mail takes forever. Would love to see them upgrade services and allow download purchases of their videos which means I may just have to wait 5 hours instead of 5 weeks to enjoy their videos!

Florian said...


Should you be looking for these DVD's in the future you can take a look at Aviation Megastore in the Netherlands. When it states on the website 'Only X Remaining' or 'In Stock' means that there's copies present in their store in the Netherlands. They'll be dispatched from there instead of the US and saves you quite some money as well :) .

Mason Dominique said...

Thanks very much Florian !

Will try this.


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