Saturday, November 10, 2012

Aerosoft Dusseldorf : Our own screenshots

FS9/FSX/P3D. Dusseldorf EDDL for FSX, at last ! You will be impressed by the complexity of animations here ; road traffic everywhere, shutttles, trains, trains under bridger etc... And a great airport in the center of Western Europe.

Screenshots taken with an ATI HD6570, maximum quality settings.

Airdailyx November 2012
Dom Mason


Anonymous said...

LOL the first screenshot is from Imaginesims KATL...

Anonymous said...

how come an imaginesim katl shot in there?

Anonymous said...

Nice shots. It looks like a amazing scenery.
Dom, your screenshots are a bit weak. Try installing enb series plugin. It enhances FSX so much I can't fly without it.

DAndre Newman said...

Dom is also working on an indepth review of ATL so thats why the mix up. We both have several reviews we are working on at the moment.

Unknown said...

Dom are you kidding us? Don't you see what you posted?

The shadows on the ground image on the night picture (nr. 15) where you can see the gangways in a shadow angle of the day. Then the textures looks a bit blurry everywhere no? (Only the trains are crisp and sharp and super nice!) On picture 10 the roads which are escaping and coming in everywhere. On many pictures you can see a lot of parts around the airport (land-side) which are done, but there are less details on the airport-side. I do not need a crisp sharp Shell fuel station. That does not interest me in any way. I want that type of textures on my airport buildings. By far the worst scenery I've ever seen and for sure I would suggest people to stay cool and nice with the superb FREEWARE which is by far much better than this crap. Bad for my money but good for my brain. Aerosoft is out of my list of "must-haves". Second piece of crap I got from them and now I make a big arrow around their products! So now I'm off to Dubai!

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