Saturday, November 3, 2012

Official Aerosoft: A new video signed Jerdoo

Jerdoo has uploaded his latest video. One week of work on the... Aerosoft Airbus Xtended.


Anonymous said...

Now this is totally anal, but I see many instances of single strobes on the wingtips. Don't Airbus use double strobes on the wings?

Anonymous said...

Airbus have 1 strobe light at the end of the wing, which stobes in a double sequence. It was modelled in the video correctly. De to the video recorder ability it may not show up all the time. The strobe effect though looks fake however in my opinion though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks... My post was not clear, my mistake... I know there is only one strobe light, but I know them to flash twice.

I know the Aerosft is clear about it, but I am uneasy about the "simulating the day to day running" as well as the fact that the IAE engines have been modelled but the instrumentation only reflects the CFM model. I see myself getting this only because I would do so at a discount as a previous AirbusX owner (which lasted less than 3 months on my drive, thanks to its default use of FSX fly-by-wire).
I am going to wait for the reviews of this as well. Been stung too many times recently.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I see the OMDB control tower.....

Anonymous said...

Its Flytampa Dubai! Or Aerosoft, but it looks too good for Aerosoft, so probably FT.

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